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Who is Airman?

Airman, a renowned Japanese brand, has gained widespread recognition globally since its establishment in 1952. It remains a stalwart among entrepreneurs and contractors alike, consistently delivering top-tier quality.

A Legacy Unveiled: Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd.

Founded as Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd. in 1952, this Japanese enterprise initially specialized in manufacturing construction machinery components. Their foray into producing hydraulic excavators under the brand name “Airman” commenced in 1965, setting a benchmark for durability and exceptional performance.

The Evolution of Excellence

The subsequent decades marked a remarkable journey for Airman. Through the 1970s and 1980s, the brand diversified its product line and solidified its market presence within Japan. In the 1990s, their excavators ventured beyond borders, making significant inroads into the international markets of the United States and Europe.

A Strategic Alliance

The year 2000 marked a pivotal moment as Airman became a subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. This alliance catapulted Airman’s global footprint, enhancing access to resources and solidifying its position as a beacon of advanced technology, quality components, and reliability. Today, Airman excavators find applications across diverse industries, from construction to mining and agriculture.

Unrivaled Solutions for Airman Machines

Looking for a travel motor for your Airman excavator? Look no further. Our extensive range of final drives guarantees optimal performance and quick availability. From 0.5-ton mini excavators to heavy crawlers spanning 40 tons, Mecatra stocks a vast selection of track motors for over 2000 excavator models, catering to the most prominent brands.

Quality at Unbeatable Prices

At Mecatra, our focus lies in offering unparalleled prices without compromising on quality. You receive top-notch products at competitive rates, ensuring utmost satisfaction when acquiring a final drive, travel motor, travel unit, or gearbox.

OEM Quality Standards

Maintaining high standards is non-negotiable for us. That’s why we collaborate with esteemed factories such as Bonfiglioli, Brevini, Kayaba, Doosan Mottrol, Eaton, Nabtesco, Nachi, and Danfoss to produce all our track devices in OEM quality.

Exploring Synonyms and International Reach

The final drive, also known as a track motor or travel drive, transcends languages and borders. Whether in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Romania, or other countries, we cater to diverse linguistic preferences, ensuring accessibility across the globe.

Beyond Final Drives: A Diverse Inventory

Mecatra extends its expertise beyond final drives and transmissions. We boast a comprehensive inventory of hydraulic pumps and swing devices for various machinery. Whether you need a main hydraulic pump, swing motor, or swing gear, Mecatra is your go-to destination.

If you’re in need of a hydraulic spare part, for example a final drive for your Airman machine, feel free to browse our site or simply just fill out the form to contact us or write us an email at


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